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Frequently Asked Questions?

  • Good Dog Pet Care offers full-service premier pet care. We do walks. We do potty breaks. We do pet sitting. We stay overnight. We transport when you can’t. We scoop your pup’s waste. This allows you to get all your pets care needs conveniently satisfied from one provider. Plus, we perform a background check on all of our employees. Everyone must participate in an intensive training program and initial 90-day evaluation period. With us, you're always in good company.

    You will always know when we perform a service, too. We use GPS tracking and a secure website to show you when and where your pet was cared for. We put every effort into assigning the same caretaker to your pet and keeping a consistent schedule each week. That way both you and your pet know what to expect.

    Further more, you can call, email or check your account online. We accommodate to better serve your ever-changing life.

  • We care for the pets in Eastern Prince William County, VA including the following areas Lake Ridge, Occoquan, Dale City, Hoadly, Dumfries, Southbridge, Montclair, Belmont Bay, Rippon Landing and Woodbridge areas.
  • Our hours of operation are Monday through friday 9 to 5 pm. Most of our mid-day walks and potty breaks are performed between the hours of 10am and 4pm, Monday through friday.
  • First and foremost, we are pet lovers. All of our caretakers are background checked; undergo a training program that includes extensive pet education as well as behavioral training and basic obedience training to help support positive behavior and training.
  • At Good Dog Pet Care, we use sophisticated smart phone scanning technology to alert you when we begin the visit and finish the visit. All of our visits are GPS tracked so you can view them on a map when you log into our secure website. You can also go online to see who cared for your pets and how long the session lasted. We'll also email any pertinent notes about your pet’s visit. Giving you total transparency about what we do is how Good Dog Pet Care sets itself apart from competitors.
  • We require you give us two sets of keys, one for your regular caretaker and one for our office in a secure location just in case we have a change in plans.
  • To arrange for services, simply contact us at www.gooddogpetcare.net or call 571-451-7055. We'll begin by scheduling a 60-minute Meet and Greet session. During this time we'll introduce ourselves to your pets, discuss your needs, explain how we can assist you and your pets through our services, and make note of any special requests. We'll also go over how to schedule services and define procedures to best care for your home and pets. If you're interested in our walking services, we may take your dog for a brief walk to get to know them and their habits. The Meet & Greet session is free. There is no obligation on your part.
  • Yes, we strive to have the same caretaker service your pets every time. Occasionally, circumstances like scheduling issues, illness, vacation time, etc. prevent your regular team member from attending to your pet. In those cases, a designated back-up caretaker will service your pets. Back-up caretakers visit with your pets alongside your primary caretaker to familiarize themselves with your pets in the event they have to step in.
  • Yes. Dogs love consistency. It is our intention to service your dog at the same time everyday for our potty breaks and walking services. Our pet sitting services are devoted the same intention to perform our services at the same time everyday as well depending upon your pets needs and flexibility. During our Meet & Greet, we'll discuss optimal visit times and commit to a two-hour window following your scheduled service. This window allows us to address life's little surprises. We use sophisticated scheduling along with GPS tracking and alerting so we can anticipate and resolve issues to better keep our promised schedule with you and your pets.
  • Certainly! We'll also schedule multiple visits on the weekends and holidays if you need us.
  • We can support most pets. During the Meet & Greet, we can determine if we are equipped to handle your pet's special needs or if there might be a better option for you.
  • No. Accidents happen. Our caretakers arrive prepared to address any issues that might arise during daily activity.
  • Good Dog Pet Care believes in positive reinforcement. To achieve a desired behavior, we focus on praise and treats. In addition, we can incorporate and reinforce your defined approach. Although we do not directly offer training services, we support the training methods and reinforce the desired behavior you wish to achieve.
  • For the most part, yes, so long as we can be certain the caretaker servicing your dog is safe. For dogs with extreme behavior, we may need to create special procedures and pricing to support your dog. We'll determine the best course of action during our Meet & Greet and do our best to accommodate.
  • When we pet sit, we follow your pet’s normal routines. While there, we'll also play, feed, administer oral and topical medicines, and walk your dog. Overnight sitting includes a walk before bedtime and before we leave in the morning. Day-sitting features one walk per visit and three visits per day. If you have other pets, we can look in on and feed them, too. In addition we'll collect your mail, water your plants, get the newspaper and rotate the lighting patterns to give your home that "lived-in" look.
  • We are licensed in the counties and state in which we operate. We are also insured against any issues that might arise while your pet is in our care. To further protect you, all of our caretakers are bonded. We want you to feel safe with us.
  • We understand that unexpected events might change your schedule. If you notify us of a cancellation 24 hours from the time of service, there is no cancellation fee. After that period, you will be billed for the service whether it is provided or not. We appreciate your sensitivity on this issue.
  • For existing customers, we will make every effort to accommodate last minute requests. Please be aware a last minute booking fee 10 dollars may apply to any visits scheduled within a 48 hour period from the time of the requested visit.
  • If we are unable to service your pet due to inclement weather or unsafe conditions, we will notify you via email or phone. As soon as it is safe for our caretakers to get to your pet, they will resume service. During the Meet & Greet, we will request the name and phone number of a emergency contact or neighbor whom we can contact to assist us in the event we are unable to get to your home in a reasonable amount of time after your scheduled visit.

    Rain, snow, sleet, hail, wind and or storm, just like the mailman we will arrive to care for your pet. However, We want your dogs to be comfortable as well as happy during our visits, which is why during these types of weather conditions we will take it easy and ensure the happiness and well being of your pet inside after a potty break.
  • We do service pets on national holidays. These services must be scheduled 72 hours in advance so we can make special arrangements. An additional service charge will apply. Otherwise we cannot guarantee it. We appreciate your recognition that our caretakers need time with their families as well. At Good Dog Pet Care, we try to maintain a healthy work/personal time balance to better provide the best care to you and your pets.
  • To simplify payments for everyone, we prefer credit or debit cards.
  • We do charge a one-time fee of $20.00 to cover the cost of administering a new customer:
    - A lifetime profile in Good Dog's database.
    - A behavior analysis of your pets to ensure they are good candidates for dog walking / pet sitting.
    -Our pet care specialist meets you and your pets, takes detailed notes and photos of your pets, which are all entered into your online profit.
    - One on one explanation on how we operate and conduct our business.
    -Key processing, nondescript tagging, storage in key sages. Includes lifetime costs of distribution of keys to caretakers.
    - A Good Dog Pet Care Journal, and lifetime replacements. - Our journals are where each visit's story will be told. :-)

    - The fee will be waived if Good Dog Pet Care determines your pets will not be a good candidate for our services.


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Our service areas include Lake Ridge - Occoquan - Dale City - Hoadly - Dumfries - Southbridge - Montclair - Belmont Bay - Rippon Landing and Woodbridge areas.